Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Mask of the God Hunter

My  second Thorn yarn was published by Horrified Press in their BARBARIAN CROWNS (2015) anthology. The tale is titled,"The Mask of the God Hunter". Fans of Karl Edward Wagner and Michael Moorcock will love this one! Lots of hacking and slaying for even the bloodthirstiest of sword and sorcery aficionados and genuine weirdness aplenty.

I was flattered by Richard L. Tierney's reaction to my story:

"Hi, Howie.  Today I finished re-reading your hideously delightful tale "The Mask of the God Hunter".  I had to give it a second going-over to catch all the clever allusions and implications you worked into it, not to mention the names of characters and places.  It was a riot -- in more senses than one.  I was chuckling all the way through.  Highly satisfying to both my bloodthirstiness and my sense of humor. 
And it's more than just a rousing and rowdy bloodfest of a tale.  In a way, it's a summation of the history of humanity's religious progress over the last two thousand years."

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