Friday, March 10, 2017

Swords of Steel III Coming Soon!

Swords of Steel III is coming soon! The third volume of the fantasy/horror anthology series written by heavy metal musicians will be released at the Legions of Metal festival in Chicago May 19-20. Here's the table of contents:
Introduction by Mark Shelton (Manilla Road)
"Thannhausefeer's Guest" by Howie K. Bentley (Cauldron Born)
"A Paean to Mine Wolfen Self" (poem) by Howie K. Bentley (Briton Rites)
"The Pirate Prince of Terran" by E.C. Hellwell (Hellwell)
"The Key" by Mike Browning (Nocturnus)
"The Chamber of Juleptsu" by Jaron Evil (Battlesworn)
"Eldon" by Chris Shoriak (Ice Sword)
"Stormchaser" by Jeffrey Black (Gatekeeper)
"The Scion at the Gate of Eternity" by Byron A. Roberts (Bal-Sagoth)

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